• This products Overview

    The DivePro D80F Video Light is a multifunctional floodlight with Yellow, White, Red and UV LEDs. Red light is great to get close to wildlife without disturbing them, yellow to mimic a warmer more natural tone, white for clinical accuracy and 365nm UV to illuminate unique patterns on marine life.


    The D80 is a powerhouse of a video light with a combined output of 8000Lumens but it's real talent is in variety. 16 separate LEDs grouped in 4s let you choose the output from classic White or Yellow to Red light and even UV so you get four floodlights all rolled into one.

  • specifications

    • Cree LED 8x XM-L2
    • Cree LED 4x XPE Red
    • Cree LED 4x UV365
    • 8000 Lumens High
    • 4000 Lumens Mid
    • 55 mins burn time High
    • 110 mins burn time Mid
    • In Air Beam angle 140°
    • Underwater Beam angle 95°
    • Colour Temp - 5000K
    • CRI (Max) 80
    • Size - 65*51*123mm
    • Depth Rating - 100m
    • 1x 3400mAh Battery 
    • Charge Time 4hrs/1A
    • Charge Time 1.5hrs/3A
    • USB charger