Hollis Side-Mount SMS 75 Single Wing


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    Hollis has become a leader in the sidemount market. It is not just a fad and not just a tool for cavers, it’s here to stay and is growing. The SMS 75 is an evolution from years of sidemount development, which started with the SMS 100. A product that has been copied, modified and a benchmark for technical sidemount for years. Even more popular has been the lightweight SMS 50 line. These two have taken sidemount mainstream and the building blocks this new harness. While it will cater more to hardcore cave divers, SMS 75 was created to handle all environments. Proper trim is key and the wing is designed to promote horizontal diving with increased lift towards the hips where it’s needed most, and without modification. The SMS 75 will also support rear mounted tanks and reversible inflator positions.

    The Hollis SMS75 Side-Mount Wing with inflator mechanism(s) and overpressure-relief/dump valve, is a 360° elastic bungee system (removable) wing that provides 35 lbs. (15.88 kg) of lift capacity. To avoid tank valve/regulator interference the bladder has a centrally located inflator mechanism elbow(s) and lower left pull dump/overpressure relief valve. The SMS75 Side-Mount System is equipped with upper and lower cam band slots for single cylinder mounting.

    Constructed from a 1000-Denier Cordura nylon with a polyurethane lamination outer shell & 15mm urethane internal bladder this side mount wing is a durable and robust solution for the most demanding of divers. The SMS75 Side-Mount Wing also comes with a low pressure 3/8" threaded quick-disconnect hose and owner's manual.

  • specifications


  • Designed for Side-Mount Cave Divers, Beginner, Advanced or Technical Divers
  • 1000-Denier Cordura Nylon with a Polyurethane Lamination Outer Shell
  • Suitable for Side Mounting Twin or Single Cylinders or Rear Mounted Singles
  • Suitable For Any-Environment from Open-Water to the Overhead Environment
  • 15mm Urethane Internal Bladder
  • Streamlined Designed for Reduced Drag and Passing-through-Confined Spaces
  • 360° Degree Elastic Bungee System (removable)
  • 35 lbs. (15.88 kg) of Lift
  • Centrally-Located Inflator Mechanism Elbow(s) to avoid Tank Valve/Regulator Interference
  • DLower Left Pull Dump/Overpressure Relief Valve
  • Inflator Specifications

  • Durable Impact Resistant Plastic Housing
  • Corrugated Rubber Hose
  • Internal Components & Inlet QD Nipple made from Chrome Plated Brass
  • Low Pressure 3/8" Threaded Quick-Disconnect Hose
  • Interchangeable Inflator and Pull Dum Valve
  • Upper and Lower Cam Band Slots for Single Cylinder Mounting

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