Mares X-Wing Fins


  • This products Overview

    Mares newest edition to their freediving line, the X-Wing, built from technopolymer, the fin features a tapered, high-quality elastomer blade that facilitates excellent agility and performance. With a 190 mm wide and 713 mm length the fin is perfect for a diver looking to have a rigid and reactive fin, the variable thickness of the blade increases the diver's maneuverability without sacrificing the length or strength of the fin.

  • specifications

    • Tapered high-quality elastomer blade facilitates excellent agility and performance
    • Performance engineered foot pocket delivers perfect power transmission from foot to blade
    • V-tip to prevent slipping from side to side while kicking
    • Blade with variable thickness and high performance parabolic bending
    • The blade is 190 mm wide and 713 mm long
    • 30° blade inclination relative to the foot pocket
    • The x-wing foot pocket is designed to be worn also without neoprene socks
    • Interchangeable blade construction
    • The Blade is 30% softer than the Razor Pro model

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