Bonex Reference RS Diver Scooter


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    The magic label "RS" has, especially in Germany, a long-standing tradition and makes the hearts of all motorsport enthusiasts skip a beat. The Reference RS utilizes a stronger servo-motor with a modified re-chargeable battery pack. Bonex relies here on its proven Li-Ion battery technology.

    The custom-developed, high-performance propeller “Speed” has been optimized to most efficiently transform the power into forward thrust. At moderate speed, the RS is still able to achieve excellent runtimes with a sufficient power reserve. That’s why this model is particularly well-suited for areas with strong currents. Even with a sizeable payload, the "RS" continues to offer ample thrust.

    Naturally, the discriminating user will find Bonex’s comprehensive safety features in our “super-charged” model as well.

    • 19 kg in weight including battery and trim
    • Runtime up to 260 min
    • Li–Mn Battery Pack
    • Emergency Switch
    • Encapsulated Motor
    • Neutral Tare at any depth
    • Stepless Speed Setting
    • One-Handed Operation
    • Carbon Tube and Shroud
  • specifications

    Dimensions: Ø 218/300 mm x Length 690 mm
    Weight: 19kg incl. battery & trim
    Operating Depth: 200mts
    Runtime - Full Speed: up to 105 mins
    Runtime - Cruising Speed: up to 260 mins
    Operating Range: up to 10 km
    Thrust: 330 N
    Speed: up to 85mts/min
    Speed Regulation: Stepless
    Motor: Servo
    Battery: Li-Mn
    Tube Material: Carbon


    Main Switch
    Variable Speed
    Temperature Control
    Protective Propeller Cut-Off
    Power Monitoring
    Total Discharge Protection
    Soft Start
    Update Capability
    Emergency Switch
    Boost Function / Quick Shift
    Battery Charger QCS
    Tow Cord
    Torque Control


    System Handle


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