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Getting started Software Package


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    Getting Started Software Package

    For the diver getting started, having your own software package is a great step into gear owndership. Having increased comfort and familiarity in the water increases your diving enjoyement.

    Bare Revel & Elate

    Designed for the outgoing user, the Revel & Elate has an impressive fit, comfort, and flexibility making it ideal for all watersports. Combined with its stylish watersport-focused design, the suit has anatomically correct 3D patterns and a blend of neoprene and laminate. The revel makes wearing a wetsuit comfortable inside and out of the water.

    The high stretch 7mm neoprene makes donning and doffing the wetsuit an easy task, the suit also has a low-profile collar tab with velcro making the suit less bulky and more comfortable to wear for prolonged times. Not only is it easy to get in and out because of the stretchy neoprene, but Bare also made an extra-long heavy-duty rear zipper for easy reach. The Armor-flex knee pads increase the life expectancy of the suit whilst also keeping its high stretch quality.

    Oceanic Oceanvu Mask

    Superior materials, technology & design come together in the OceanVu to give you the best visibility, fit & comfort possible in a dive mask. Wear the OceanVu mask during your dives and see more ocean than ever before.

    Oceanic Viper Fins

    Precision blend of hydrodynamics and materials technology for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance. The VIPER FULL FOOT blade's Flexible Power Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency. The engineered channels and side rails direct water flow off the tips of the fin without allowing water to "spill" from the sides of the blade for uncompromising power and efficiency.

    Bare 5mm Boot

    perfect for New Zealand conditions

    Great for cold and mid to cold water temperatures. Comes with Sanitized® anti-microbial agent for effective odour control.

    Bare 3mm Hood

    The Bare 3mm Hood is made from standard nylon 2 neoprene for warmer dives or, for those who just want that extra warmth and UV head protection in warmer waters. The hood fully covers the head and ears and has a bib to layer with your skin or tropical diving exposure suit. Built to last with double glued seams with Secure-Lock construction, the 3mm hood is black in colour, and is available in multiple sizes.

    Oceanic Arid Snorkel

    A patent pending deflector helps to keep the Oceanic Arid snorkel as dry as a desert, even in waves and wind. The dry top deflector reduces water entry, the oversized purge valve makes for easy clearing, and a 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece fits snuggly on every adventure.

  • Patent pending dry top deflector reduces water entry
  • Drop away flex mouthpiece
  • Oversized purge valve for easy clearing
  • Prodive 120L Vinyl Bag

    The Prodive Vinyl Dive Gear Bag. Made from durable Vinyl with a 120L capacity - plenty of space for all your gear.
  • specifications

    Bare Revel & Elate

    Technical Specifications:

  • High-Stretch Neoprene Blend generates extreme levels of stretch, comfort and mobility
  • Outstanding three-dimensional fit throughout the entire suit due to the anatomically correct pattern
  • Specifications:

  • Low-profile collar tab with Velcro for less bulk and more comfort
  • Integrated suit saver that protects your suit from the Velcro collar tab snagging on your wetsuit
  • Extra-long heavy-duty back zipper for easy donning and doffing
  • Armor-flex knee pads extend the life of the suit in the high-wear area while still providing the full stretch performance of the neoprene
  • Oceanic Viper Fins

  • Ideal for all diving and snorkeling skill levels
  • Flexible Power Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency
  • Power Vents reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Oversized blade produces increased thrust and propulsion
  • Generous yet streamlined foot pocket fits a wide range of boot styles while significantly reducing drag
  • Extremely lightweight for increased performance and ease of travel
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