Hollis Sidemount Regulators


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    The Hollis Sidemount 200LX Regulator Kit has been designed to take all the guessing out of when you are setting up your sidemount regulator configuration. This high performance package will satisfy even the most demanding sidemount divers right through to extended range sidemount technical cave divers.

    This Hollis kit is suitable for sidemounting twin or single cylinders, but also for use with rebreathers or rear mounted singles. This system can be used in any environment from open water to overhead environments as well. Sidemount diving offers the diver with many advantages over traditional styles as it allows for full visibility over your entire system, reduces the need for additional gear such as double bands, hardware and manifolds which benefits traveling as well as aids in transporting gear to and from the beach or boat as you can easily move one tank at a time. Sidemount diving also provides the diver with a streamlined profile which significantly reduces your drag and in turn, increases your bottom time. The Hollis Sidemount 200LX Regulator Kit is the ideal set up to cater for your tech diving now and well into the future. After just one dive with this outstanding regulator you'll certainly appreciate why Hollis continues to be the world leader in technical diving performance.

  • specifications

    • 2 x Hollis DCX First Stages
    • 2 x Hollis 200LX Adjustable Balanced Second Stage Regulators
    • 1 x 30" / 76cm Hollis LP Maxflow regulator hose
    • 1 x 84" / 2.1m Hollis LP Maxflow regulator hose
    • 2 x Hollis Brass Pressure Gauges
    • 2 x Hollis 6" HP Hoses
    • 1 x 70 Degree Angle Adaptors
    • 1 x 3" (small) bolt snap
    • 1 x Hollis regulator necklace

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