Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit for Aluminum Cylinder


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    The Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit is designed for the rigging of Aluminum cylinders for decompression/safety stops. The kit comes in two options, 40 or 80 cubic-foot cylinders. The kit contains a stainless-steel cylinder clamp with a nylon cover to help protect your cylinder, two HD EPDM hose retainers to keep your system and hoses tucked/streamlined, two 3.5" (8.9 cm) stainless-steel swiveling spring-loaded bolt snaps attached to a braided nylon line, lastly, the kit has a rubber cover on the nylon line for easy carrying.

  • Designed for Setting-Up Stage Bottle for Decompression or Safety Stops
  • Available for AL40 or 80 Cubic Foot Cylinders
  • Includes All-Required Hardware to Securely Rig Stage or Deco Bottles for Technical Diving
  • Stainless-Steel (SS) Cylinder Clamp
  • SS Clamp Nylon Cover Prevent-Abrasion of the Cylinder Finish
  • 2 HD EPDM Hose Retainers Streamlines Hoses, Prevents Snagging in Rigging
  • 2 3.5" (8.9 cm) SS Swiveling Spring Loaded Bolt Snaps Braided Nylon Line
  • Rubber Cover for Easy Transport
  • Braided Nylon Line for Easy Cut-Away in the Event of an Emergency

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