Atomic Full Foot Split Fin


  • This products Overview

    • Atomic Full Foot Split Fins:
    • Less Drag, More Thrust, Less Strength is Used
    • Latest Technology in Composite Plastic Polymer Materials
    • Light Fin (Great Travel Fin)
    • Increases Thrust and Reduces Fatigue
    • Flexibility and Rigidity for Efficient Propulsion
    • Less Air Consumption
    • Power Rails:
      Backbone of the Split Fin
      Highly-Resilient, Storing & Releasing Energy w/Every Kick
    • Semi-Ridged Flex Battens:
      Control the Precise Wing Shape to Optimize Thrust
      Reduces Drag
    • Large Surface Area Blade Improves Pivoting, Turning & Alternate Kick Styles
    • Thin, Yet Strong & Highly Flexible Hinge Points
    • Hinge Points: Cause Blade to React Quick-and-Efficiently
    • Anatomically Contoured Foot Pocket Designed to Fit Foot w/o Stress Points
    • Soft, Comfortable Full Foot Pocket
    • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

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