Trilam Pro Dry Trilaminate Drysuit


  • This products Overview

    This back zip drysuit is made with our exclusive engineered butyl trilaminate material, giving it the advantage of superior flexibility and lightweight characteristics

  • specifications


    • Your choice of latex or a 3mm neoprene comfort-fit neck seal
    • 2mm nylon/smoothskin warm collar with vented neck drain provides an improved seal with the BARE dry hoods
    • 360 degree swivel inflator valve and adjustable low-profile exhaust valve
    • Lightweight low profile plastic dry zipper
    • Your choice of neoprene or HD bottleneck latex wrist seals with talc bag
    • BARE embossed M-PADz knee protection with 2mm neoprene backing providing added padding for comfort
    • Flexible double taped reinforcement at "critical wear" seam points for added durability
    • 2 needle "felled seam" construction increases seam integrity, is low profile and less prone to abrasion and finishes for a clean look
    • Your choice of HD vulcanized 4mm compressed density neoprene BARE boot, or compression-resistant Soft Boot (see accessories for BARE boot options)
    • Delivered with backpack, LP Hose and zipper wax
    • Premium graphics and badging


    • Material:
      • Butyl trilaminate with two-ply nylon fabric exterior