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Icon HD Black


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    Incredible Color, High Definition Dive Computer

    Introducing the all-new Icon HD to the market, Mares is bringing state-of-the-art consumer electronics technology to the underwater world Flat screen televisions, cell phones, PDAs, notebook computers, all use an LCD display, the same technology that Mares is using for the Icon HD screen ICON HD is a True full-color mineral glass display computer Its screen is made using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology

    The new Mares Icon HD uses Mares-Wienke RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) algorithm The RGBM takes into account the phenomenon of micro-bubbles in order to prevent their formation In over 10,000 real dives monitored by Dr Bruce Wienke in the Los Alamos laboratories, the formation of micro-bubbles has been studied and evaluated in order to better understand the mechanism behind how micro-bubbles are formed during a dive Today it is the most evolved algorithm for reducing the formation of micro-bubbles without compromising dive times

    An intuitive software, the use of large characters, and the contrast created by using different colors, makes the on screen information easy to read, immediate and clear During the dive besides the standard navigation mode EXTEND, divers can switch to a second dive mode PROFILE ICON HD processes and shows the full dive curve in real time The computer's memory allows the storage of images and photos, including digital maps of diving spots

    The easy excess push buttons allow the diver to operate the computer in all conditions, even when wearing thick gloves Navigating through the computer programs is extremely simple and very intuitive The Icon has a maximum depth display of 492' (150 meter), a memory capacity of 100 hours, runs on a user replaceable rechargeable lithium battery, power indicator, has a plan mode display, can be used in both imperial or metric units, fresh or seawater settings, residual nitrogen reset, option to exclude audible alarms and uncontrolled ascents", has an ascent rate indicators, and is altitude adjustable

    A gas switch function allows divers to use up to three different gas mixtures during a single dive The computer calculates the decompression schedule accordingly, so that you can take full advantage of decompressing with high oxygen concentration mixes Integrated interface: a reprogrammable processor with a rewritable chip for software upgrades The dive computer software is upgradeable As Mares continues to introduce new features and functions to its computers, you can benefit from these improvements without needing to buy a new product: simply download the new software release from the Mares website and install it into your existing computer using the dedicated interface

    The Icon HD knows that not all of us who dive are young and in peak condition, it address this with precautionary program settings that allow individual adjustment to more conservative dive profiles if needed When you do multi-level, multiple dives during a single day or multiple dives over several days you can choose different setting levels in order to adjust your computer to a more conservative dive profile The Icon also has a digital compass function for navigation The compass mode can be activated both on the surface and during a dive Both on the surface and during the dive, divers can also make use of the sighting function so that the compass will show the selected direction

    Air Integrated computerized monitoring of tank pressure is used to determine a bottom time which depends not only on your depth, but also on your actual gas consumption, increasing your dive safety In addition, the gas consumption (referred to the surface) is displayed on the computer for more control over your dive The computer does this via a HP Transmitter attached to your first stage regulator HP port by sampling the pressure drop over time and giving you the rate of consumption in minutes remaining If the time remaining is greater than the no-decompression limit for your depth it will display the shorter time allowed

    The combination with icon's high definition color display brings tank pressure information to a new level Detailed numerical information is accompanied by intuitive, at-a-glance color coding Blue and green means the pressure is above the mid tank warning, red means the pressure is below the reserve, orange and yellow for values in-between The thresholds are set by the user for maximum customization

    The Icon HD comes with a PC interface for logging dives on your PC; the computer is also software upgradeable over the internet This feature makes it possible to download the latest software developments as Mares creates them, without the need to buy a new computer unit Icon also has a watch, date and temperature functions Smart, easy to use and upgradeable the Icon HD can do it all

    A user info screen allows you to save your personal information, such as full name telephone number, blood type, any allergies and any other important information you want to have with you Special characteristics: nitrox mode with 3 different oxygen mixes, integrated interface, rechargeable lithium batteries, map function, pictures function Icon HD comes with a free padded bag, User Manual and has a 24 month limited warranty
  • specifications

    • Algorithm RGBM
    • Nitrox Function
    • Mineral Glass Display
    • TFT LCD Color Display
    • Rechargeable User Replaceable Lithium Battery
    • Digital Compass with Full Tilt
    • Reprogrammable Processor
    • Interface
    • Log Book
    • Residual Nitrogen Memory Reset
    • Altitude Program
    • Prudential Programs
    • Fresh/Salt Water
    • Disable "Uncontrolled Ascent"
    • 3 Gas Switching
    • Software Upgradeable
    • Air Integrated
    • Air, Nitrox, and Bottom Time Modes
    • Superior Display Readability
    • Precautionary Programs Settings
    • Easy Access Buttons
    • Depth Readout 492' (150 meters)
    • Ascent Rate Indicators
    • Imperial/Metric Options
    • Plan Mode
    • Battery Power Indicator
    • Audible Alarm Shot Off
    • Memory Capacity 100 Hours
    • Watch, Calendar and Temperature Displays
    • User Info Display
    • User Manual
    • Padded Bag
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty