Hybrid Pro tec


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    The Mares Hybrid Pro Tec is a giant step in the evolution of back mounted BCDs. The first thing you will notice when donning Hybrid Pro Tec is the perfect fit. This new level of comfort is achieved via special shoulder pads which are longer, pre-shaped and reinforced, and which work in perfect unison with the lumbar suspension system. This suspension system is inspired by the design of modern hiking backpacks; the system avoids direct contact between the body and the tank support. Hybrid Pro Tec features 10 stainless steel D-rings, 3 of which can be slid up and down along the shoulder pads, to accommodate any configuration needs. Made of very tough Alutex material, it will endure any exposure you submit it to and hold up to the test of time.

    Furthermore, Hybrid Pro Tec is a modular BCD: the detachable vest comprising the MRS plus system is removable, leaving a lean-and-mean travel BCD. The Hybrid Pro Tec maximizes the blend of comfort, lightness and size. Thanks to the grip provided by the rubber in contact with the tank, when open it ensures total stability and comfort of a long backpack, but when folded it's 30% shorter than a traditional backpack. The honeycomb structure makes it 40% lighter than a traditional backpack. BCD comes standard with 3 Pull-Dump/Overpressure Relief Valves, one is incorporated into the top of the Ergo Inflator; another is located on the right shoulder and a third is located on the rear lower right. Activation of the valves are made easy with both the upper and lower right valves coming with pull cords and the valve incorporated into the Ergo Inflator is activated by an internal cable attached to the inflator mechanism.

    The Hybrid Pro Tec BCD has an adjustable sternum strap with quick-release buckle. A Nylon Webbing Cylinder Strap with durable noncorrosive Cam Buckle secures your cylinder to the BCD. This back mount BCD is made of 1,000-Cordura, 420-Cordura and 3D Alutex protection and abrasion-resistant mesh. BCD comes in 4 sizes from X-Small to X-Large with 25 kg of lift. The Hybrid Pro Tec weighs 4.4 kg.
  • specifications

    • Hybrid Pro Tec Back Mounted BCD
    • Special Longer Shoulder Pads, Pre-Shaped and Reinforced
    • Lumbar Suspension System
    • Suspension System Modeled after Modern Hiking Backpacks
    • 10 Stainless Steel D-rings
    • 3 D-Rings for Custom Positioning
    • 1,000-Cordura, 420-Cordura and 3D Alutex Construction
    • MRS Plus System Removable, Leaving a Lean-and-Mean Travel BCD
    • Folding Backpack 40% Lighter than Traditional Backpacks
    • 3 Pull-Dump/Overpressure Relief Valves
    • Ergo Inflator Mechanism
    • Adjustable Sternum Strap with Quick-Release Buckle
    • Cummerbund and Waist Strap with Quick-Release Buckle
    • Nylon Cylinder Band with Cam Buckle
    • Weight Integrated MRS Plus System
    • Weight Capacity: 12 kg
    • 4 Sizes from X-Small to X-Large
    • 25 kg of Lift
    • Weight: 4.4 kg
    • LP Inflator Hose
    • Comprehensive Owner's Manual