Mares Excite With Bungee Strap


  • This products Overview

    The innovative Excite diving fin has been optimised for low fatigue on dives, with Mares' great channel thrust technology! Innovative materials for a more harmonious thrust provided by a blend of thermoplastic rubber and techno polymers. Enhanced channel thrust optimised for low fatigue and colour coordinated bungee strap add a touch of style. The open heel design bungee straps have a large thumb pull loop for easy donning and doffing. The fins blade measures 15.7" (40 cm) in size regular, has a non-vented blade surface area of 124 sq. in. (800 sq. cm.) and weighs 2 lbs. (900 g). Fins are available in multiple sizes and colours.

      Mares Excite Open Heel Fins Features
    • Mares Excite Open Heel Fins:
    • Innovative Excite Diving Fin
    • Optimised for Low Fatigue On Dives
    • Mares' Great Channel Thrust Technology!
    • Innovative Materials for More Harmonious Thrust
    • Blend of Thermoplastic Rubber and Techno Polymers
    • Colour Coordinated Bungee Strap Add Touch of Style
    • Open Heel Design Fin
    • Bungee Straps: Large Thumb Pull Loop for Easy Donning and Doffing
    • Blade Length: 15.7" (40 cm), Size Regular
    • Non-Vented Blade Surface Area: 124 sq. in. (800 sq. cm)
    • Weight: 2 lbs. (900 g), Size Regular
    • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colours