Mares CR 25X Full Tec Set

Mares XR

  • This products Overview

    • Vortex Assisted
    • New designed soft cover
    • High-performance second stage
    • Stable flow without excessive positive-pressure breathing (VAD - Vortex Assisted Design)
    • No need for user adjustments
    • Slightly negatively buoyant
    • Cover design disperses water flow around the second-stage diaphragm and reduces the free flows
    • Easy-to-push purges
    • Can be opened under water – Ideal for cave and cold water diving
    Comes as part of a complete technical set including:
    • 2 x CR Second Stages
    • 2 x 25XR First Stages
    • 2 x hoses (56cm - 210cm)
    • 1 x Neck Regulator Bungee
    • 1 x Dead Bolt Snap