Mares M3RGE 5mm Open Cell Freedive Suit


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    The Mares M3rge freediving suit combines warmth, comfort, and flexibility together using Mares unique three-material design, with elastic fabric layered between two neoprene. The suit maximizes hydrodynamics with its open-cell design, whilst also featuring a large antislip chest pad with a neoprene shock absorber inside for the outgoing diver.


  • Three material design with elastic fabric in between two layers of neoprene.
  • The inner fabric offers high resistance using smooth, open cell neoprene which offers thermal, elastic and hydrodynamic benifits to the diver.
  • Preformed cut which ensures propper fit
  • Black stylish camoflauge designed for spearfishermen
  • Soft borders, with folded smooth neoprene on wrist, waist and ankles.
  • Large antislip shock absorber pad in chest
  • Antislip pads on back for weightbelt
  • Two piece design

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